Since 2002, Karen has utilized her skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to join individuals, couples and families on their journey to self-healing and more conscious, loving relationships. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University, has been a member of the NASW since 1990, and is a Certified Brainspotting Therapist and Cerified Imago Relationship Therapist. 

Karen’s Philosophy and Purpose

Besides really caring about my clients and wanting them to receive the best treatment, I believe in a professional respectful relationship with my clients and believe we are a team working together to meet your goals. I believe a therapist is only as helpful as they are willing to grow themselves. I continue to challenge myself both personally and professionally. Because of this, I am constantly looking to keep up on the best approach that provides the opportunity for the most change and growth, that also uses the most valuable resource of all - the clients own inner wisdom and strengths. I was drawn to the field of clinical social work/psychology in the desire to help others access their own wisdom and strength to heal.  Brainspotting and Imago therapy are two tools that have granted me the opportunity to help clients see their blocks, their greatest potential, as well as connection to their original wholeness.  They offer the tools and processes for healing and getting the life and the loving relationship you want.

Karen’s Journey

In my personal journey I have experienced both of these methods, which has not only created tremendous empathy for people, but have humbled me, by forcing me to see my weaknesses and vulnerability.  In our quest for a loving relationship we sometimes make the mistake of thinking if our partner will just change we will be happy.  I have been as guilty as the next person with that belief. Imago Therapy has not only humbled me into the realization that I hold the key to my happiness in my relationship, but that a conscious love relationship allows both connection and individuation, so that each partner can experience the beauty of the connection while also enjoying personal freedom and responsibility. 

My Imago journey has been a ride of unexpected turns and twists, that have kept me growing personally and professionally.  One of the unexpected gifts gained from this is a deeper understanding of myself and others.  I am thankful for this.  I am hoping you are willing to let me join you in your Imago journey as a experienced guide and support person, who knows how important it is to have the encouragement from others who have paved the way.